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SW Bookmarks interface update

22 Dec 2011 » sciencewise, en, interface, design

This post continues the series of posts regarding ScienceWISE interface changes, and now I’d like to describe a little change to the article bookmarking page. Here how it looks like now:

When somebody wants to add new concept to the list of tags for the article, he clicks on the autocomplete field and this yellow additional help messages appears. But the only useful thing in this help is a link to create new concept that does not exist in our ontology.

So why won’t we make this more convenient? And here is the solution that I came to: As you can see, the idea is to make a small “extension” to the autocomplete field. This extension is basically a link (anchor) represented by a “plus” button. Click on this button opens a new window with **create new concept **page.

And by the way, we also preserve the concept name typed inside autocomplete field, i.e. in **new concept window, **concept name is prepopulated with what was typed.