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Django-celery the most terrible bug in my life

01 Mar 2012 » django, problem-solving, en, celery

This story began yesterday when I suddenly discovered that rabbitmq (our message broker for celery) accumulated as many as 3184 (!!) tasks that were wating to be executed.

I started investigation immediately and here is what I found at a first glance:

  • Tasks were accumulated in the queue but they did not finished, tasks blocked all available workers and other tasks were just wating,
  • By examining the log files I found that this behavior had started recently after we did new system release.

So, initially I tried to restart the celery and see if it works. As you can guess, it didn’t. Then I did some investigations on another server and found an interesting thing: the* code inside the celery task was indeed executed, but after *celery did not mark the task as completed, so it got stuck in the queue forever blocking all the workers.

The things started to go beyond my comprehension. How it is even possible?? Why celery doesn’t complete these tasks? As a last resort, I started to do code rollbacks step by step on a development server, and eventually I found the commit that broke everything. The bad thing is that there was nothing wrong with this commit. Inside it was just a deletion of unused celery task! But the fact is that this commit breaks everything, so I made a rollback to latest working revision and started to perform code modifications, again step by step, restarting celery after each modification.

And I found the reason. Along with the deletion of unused task, the import statement of this task from another module was also removed. When I inserted an import again, everything started to work as expected, but the module did not use anything from this import! So, I have successfully found the source of the problem and fixed it, but I cannot explain such a weird behavior :(