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Swiss Stationboards stable release (Obsolete)

12 Apr 2012 » en, stationboards-app

It’s been some time since I wrote about TPF Scheduler. In the meanwhile, I’ve attended second Swiss OpenData Camp in Geneva with the hope to find information about Swiss Public Transport API. And I found it! The API was shown to the public on this event and now anyone can query public transport API (or install by yourself) located at:

This API was exactly what I need to finish my application. So after a week of work I’ve upgraded my TPF application to work with this API and support all public transport across Switzerland.

As usual, application can be access from the same url: and also from I’ve also added HTML5 **geolocation **to it, so if you’re inside Switzerland, you can try it and see what station are near you. If you’re not, there is also a possibility to supply raw coordinates:

Current features of the application include:

  • Automatic geolocation and finding nearest stations
  • Buttons to update location and to update schedule for the current station
  • Filtration of stations by train-only stations.

Description of the project on the

Here are the final screenshots: