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Language learning flashcards from hearthstone

11 Mar 2018 » hearthstone, anki, flashcards


I’ve generated flashcards for learning words in foreign languages from the names of cards in Hearthstone: Grab them here: —-

I really enjoy Hearthstone card game from Blizzard. I also enjoy learning languages. The Hearthstone dev team @Blizzard is doing tremendous work by translating all their cards, voices and descriptions from English into many other languages. So I thought about making flash cards based on the card names from the game. Flash cards facilitate learning new words from foreign languages and they work based on the concept of spaced repetition. The general idea is to repeat what you’ve learned in regular intervals. Here is an article about what spaced repetition is and how it works:

Some Hearthstone enthusiasts have created an API with meta-information about all the cards from Hearthstone, including their names and descriptions:

I’ve created a script that connects to this API and generates TSV files with card names that can be imported by your favorite program for spaced repetition. In my case I’m using Anki. For starters I’ve generated French and German pairs from English and Russian: en-fr, en-de, en-ru and ru-fr, ru-de: