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Reducing shadow work with FAIRTIQ

24 Nov 2018 » fairtiq, shadow work, public transport, smart ticketing, transportation

What makes FAIRTIQ so attractive to use compared to paper or electronic tickets? So many love it and give us great feedback about it, but what exactly makes people love it?

Die Fairtiq App ist das Beste, was ich in den letzten Jahren an Apps benutzt habe! Ich benutze wieder viel häufiger ÖV’s und das ist so problemlos und unkompliziert, einfach Hammer! Danke und weiter so!

(The Fairtiq App is the best app I have used in recent years! I use public transport a lot more often again and that’s so easy and uncomplicated, simply a blast, thank you and keep it up!)

The idea came while I was reading an article on work automation by Guardian - FAIRTIQ relieves us from shadow work. Shadow work is essentially a kind of work that ordinary people (like me) have to do because somebody else’s work has been automated.

Think travel industry. How do you plan a vacation now? You start by checking kayak, skyscanner or your favorite airline for flights, then booking and airbnb for accommodation, maybe look for car rental, you name it. And you can spend days doing this! Just some decades ago this job was done by personal travel agents, who would find you the best possible deals that even match your taste. You have much more choice now, but you are also completely overwhelmed by it.

Public transport tickets are the same. You need to know the zone systems of cities, keep in mind the time validity of different tickets, sometimes there are multiple options going from A → B which cost differently. Many people don’t use public transport because of those complexities. So what we did with FAIRTIQ is that you don’t have to care about it anymore. You get the best1 possible ticket with a swipe of a finger, always.

The goal is to remove barriers on the way to use public transport, and encourage people to use it more often. Give it a try at:

Use promocode M749PGF2E to get 3CHF off your first ride.

  1. Okay, not every ticket type is covered at the moment, but we are working on it.