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Reducing shadow work with FAIRTIQ

24 November 2018 • fairtiq, shadow work, public transport, smart ticketing, transportation

What makes FAIRTIQ so attractive to use compared to paper or electronic tickets? So many love it and give us great feedback about it, but what exactly makes people love it?…

Language learning flashcards from hearthstone

11 March 2018 • hearthstone, anki, flashcards


I’ve generated flashcards for learning words in foreign languages from the names of cards in Hearthstone: Grab them here: https://github.com/dragoon/hearthstone-cards. —-…

Full-size poster visualizations of GTFS data

16 November 2017 • gtfs, visualization, public-transport

This post is a follow-up on my previous effort of improving the tool for visualizing public transport routes (from GTFS data). I wrote that I have added ability to restrict the map area by specifying the maximum allowed distance from the center. The “distance-from-center” restriction was simple to implement and, by definition, it resulted in circular area restrictions. This doesn’t play well, however, with rectangular poster formats, and result in unused space. Thus, I’ve improved implementation by computing bearing for each direction, and now area can by properly restricted with rectangular shapes. A couple posters generated with this approach are here:…

Visualizations of GTFS data

6 May 2017 • gtfs, visualization

Recently I came across a GitHub repo for visualizing GTFS data: github.com/cmichi/gtfs-visualizations (specifically public transport routes on the map). The project looked very interesting and promising, so I wanted to apply it on my own GTFS datasets for Hamburg, Berlin and others.…

FarPlano: station search architecture

1 February 2015 • farplano

Since its advent, all the functionality in FarPlano relied exclusively on the HAFAS API provided by Public Transport companies, including finding nearest location, searching location by query, retrieving stationboard, etc.…