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Visualizations of GTFS data

6 May 2017 • gtfs, visualization

Recently I came across a GitHub repo for visualizing GTFS data: github.com/cmichi/gtfs-visualizations. The project looked very interesting and promising, and I wanted to apply it on my own GTFS datasets of Hamburg, Berlin, etc. It turned out there were several issues.…

FarPlano: station search architecture

1 February 2015 • farplano

Since its advent, all the functionality in FarPlano relied exclusively on the HAFAS API provided by Public Transport companies, including finding nearest location, searching location by query, retrieving stationboard, etc.…

FarPlano: overview

14 February 2014 • farplano

This note is going to prelude a series of posts aimed to expose architectural and design decisions of the former Swiss Stationboards app.…

Most freqent stations for the Stationboards app

23 June 2013 • stationboards-app, algorithms, en

"/images/blog/top_frequent stations.png" align="left" /> In the latest (3.4.6) version of the Stationboards app we have introduced ability to pick two most frequent stations directly during the geo-location phase.…

Swiss Stationboards usage map

12 June 2013 • stationboards-app, d3, en

Choropleth map of usage of Swiss Stationboards app by canton, for the period of May 2013, built using awesome d3.js library. TopoJSON Swiss Cantons geodata used from https://github.com/interactivethings/swiss-maps. Hover over a canton to see the raw numbers.…