Indoor Playgrounds around Zurich

Tips for visiting indoor playgrounds around Zurich: Monkey Town, Trampolino, Formel Fun, and others.

Indoor Playgrounds around Zurich
This is a work in progress post

MonkeyTown Horgen

Der abenteuerlichste Indoor-Spielplatz von Horgen? Monkey Town!
Das Indoor-Spielparadies Monkey Town ist die Attraktion von Horgen, Zürich und Umgebung. Es bietet alles, was dein Herz begehrt! Mehr dazu!

Large indoor playground close to the Horgen station. Two large rooms:

  • one with a a large climbing structure for older children
  • one with a playground area for children under 4 years old (although many parents neglect this rule)

🎂 You can organize child's birthday there:

  • Make sure to specifically ask for a table NOT on the walking path between the rooms if you want a relatively quiet place
  • Real candles are not allowed
  • Staff aggressively pushes you out of the place after the 4-hour birthday limit.

Can get crowded on weekends during bad weather, 🚫 parking might also be difficult after 11:00. Come with public transport if you can.

Trampolino Dietikon

Ausflüge mit Kindern, Indoor Spielhallen, Indoorspielplatz - Trampolino
Ausflüge mit Kindern, Indoor Spielhallen, Indoorspielplatz - Trampolino

Another large playground in Dietikon. One large room. Gets even more crowded.

We had to wait in a queue for nearly every activity until 17:00.

🅿️ Parking is not an issue usually.

Formel Fun Bülach

Formel Fun
Wo auch Erwachsene geniessen

This is my favorite place so far. Friendly staff, usually not crowded.


  • Electric car driving
  • Jumping on trampolins
  • Some climbing in the middle
  • Maze with tower
  • Laser dodging
  • Mini-golf in space (dark room with highlight)
  • Reading area with some books

🎂 You can organize child's birthday there:

  • No time limit on staying there
  • Can order champagne/prosecco +non-alcoholic Rimuss for children
  • Real candles are allowed

🅿️ Parking is not an issue, drive through the small parking at the entrance up to find a large unpaved parking.