Zurich with Children

Suggestions on fun activities and places to go around Zurich with kids. Indoor plagrounds, nature parks, farms, events and courses.

Places to go

Indoor playgrounds

Separate page: https://prokofyev.ch/indoor-playgrounds-around-zurich/

Jucker Farms

There are three farms around Zurich:

  • Römerhof near the airport
  • Bächlihof near Rapperswil
  • One in Uster overlooking Pfäffikersee

All farms have animals and nice playgrounds, including sandboxes, straw play barns, animals to pet (goats). Very nice restaurants and shops with local produce.

All farms get extremely crowded on days with nice weather, with almost no parking spots.

Tierpark Arth-Goldau

Amazing park with many animal species. What makes it really great is the free range zone with sika deers and mouflons that can be fed from hands. Animal food can be bought at the entrance or from the vending machines located inside the park (3 5 (2024) CHF per packet, only accepts 2 and 1 CHF coins). Food has a daily total limit, so if there are many visitors, vending machines will become unavailable after some time, can be as early as 12:00.

🐟🪿 Food for fish is sold at separate vending machines in the fish/pond area for the same price as deer food.

With the new prices of 5 CHF per packet I'd rather buy same food at a local pet shop, would be much cheaper.

In winter 2024 the park should open a new entrance with a gift shop, a restaurant, etc.

No so many people during winter and on Christmas week in particular.

A couple of mouflons

Wildnispark Zürich Langenberg

Open nature park with bears, wolves, lynxes, deers, boars and mooses. There is no free roaming zone for the animals, but you can come anytime, it's a free.



  • Hurlimann areal
  • Spital Kilchberg


  • CleverKidz Wollishofen (paid)
  • ETH Active Sundays (free)